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Part 3: Authoring Content

Now that the developer environment is in place, the next step is to start creating content. You typically start with static web content which consists of HTML documents along with their included graphical elements (GIF and JPG files). The HTML documents are created with an HTML editor. The GIF and JPG files are created with a graphics drawing package like CorelDraw, or are imported from a scanner or digital camera. Graphics files can also be lifted from other internet sites. Once graphics files are obtained, simply store them in the same directories as your HTML files on your workstation and the PicLan-IP web server will access them along with the rest of your web content.

Yes, The MV System Can Use Grahpics Files

Thats right, the PicLan-IP web server can directly use standard GIF, JPEG, and other binary files without difficulty. The truth is that the MultiValue system is probably not able to internally manipulate and create these files, but once they are made available, putting them on the web is not a problem. If these files are stored in a host file system directory, PicLan-IP will perform all conversions necessary to deal with the binary data within the MultiValue environment automatically. These image files may also be stored directly in the MultiValue file system as MultiValue items. In this case, the items are stored as single-attribute hexadecimal strings.

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