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A Complex Example

You should not be reading this unless you have first looked at the simple example described earlier.  This example is actually a production application in use at the website.  It is the program that is used to request PicLan-IP evaluation authorization codes. At last count this application uses 18 seperate HTML screens (some data entry and some display only) all connected by a single ~300 line mv/BASIC program. The application runs on PicLan-IP hosted on mv*Base, but should be portable to any PicLan-IP platform.

If you would like to look at the actual application, then you can follow these links to look at the actual source code:

 If you are looking to hack the actual PicLan-IP authorization codes, that source is not here.

This is an actual application.  While probably not bug free, it does appear to work quite well.  It is also quite easy to use from an end-user's point of view with good visual appeal.

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