Coyote Web Server
Demo Applications

Modular Software is constantly developing applications using Coyote for both public and in-house use. These applications range from the painfully simple ...

Reporting functions that capture ACCESS reports and display them to the browser.

thru visually appealing ...

Drawing real-time usage graphs by manipulating HTML tables.

to full-brown business applications.

Users have Coyote applications running that range from Unix admin shells (EZ-Open from Repton) to college bookstore systems (Web Mate from BudgetText) to on-line commerce (on-line shopping at Alaska Computer Brokers) to K-12 school attendence tracking (ADM-2000 by Ace Software).

Here is a short list of some of the on-line applications that you can look at:

The Software Download Application try it

If you download software from Modular Software web sites, you are using a fully persistent Coyote application. This application does more than just get your name, address, and email. It also allows us to post software releases with the simple act of copying a file into a release directory. All of the release downloads are dynamically generated real-time including merging release notes and even the colors for the table rows. This application was developed in-house in less than a day.

The Coyote Admin Application

try it
see the source

This application demonstrates several easy to implement and quite useful functions. You can look at captures of general system functions like POVF and WHAT. You can also look at very neat graphs of web server activity displayed using HTML table functions.

A Sample E-commerce Application try it and
see the source

Several days ago, a large prospect wanted to see how hard it would be to build an e-commerce application. They already had a non-Pick application with several months of development effort invested and in all fairness, it did not look or work all that well. This shell application is quite a way from complete, but with only 3 hours of programming time invested, you can see just how easy the Coyote development environment is.

Getting Demo Activation Codes try it

If you have downloaded PicLan-IP or Coyote, you probably started with a 45-day demo code. This is actually one of the first fully persistent applications written with Coyote. The "wizard" look and feel is ideal for this type of user interface.